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Abyssinia Restaurant and Cafe

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842 E Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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When was the last time you had a truly great cup of coffee without a hefty price tag? If the last time was when you paid $20 for a cup then you have come to the right place. At Abyssinia Restaurant and Café, we specialize in exceptional coffee, without lofty prices.

Why pay more when our coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ offers top-notch coffee at a fraction of the cost of big chains. We can do this because Ethiopian brewers have been masters in the coffee industry for centuries.

It is said that coffee originated in Ethiopia centuries ago. As the story goes, a goat farmer set his goats out to pasture. The goats began eating these red berries. When he saw how energetic the goats were and the red berries smeared all over their mouths, he decided to try them. He ate the red berries, and felt energetic too. He took them home, and he and his family made a drink out of berries. As the legend goes, this is when coffee was born. Coffee has been a staple in Ethiopian life ever since.

Today, after centuries of perfecting the brewing process, Ethiopian coffee and brewers are becoming leaders in the coffee industry. However, it is important to us to know the coffee we are purchasing for our consumers is of the highest quality.

A significant amount of the coffee grown in Ethiopia is grown in what has become known as “farmer-owned small-holdings”. The vast majority of coffee grown in Ethiopia is cultivated through organic, labor-intensive methods. Many of these farmers are a part of co-ops, which consist of small and medium sized farms. At Abyssinia Restaurant and Café, we only purchase from high-quality, labor-sensitive farms and companies.

At Abyssinia Restaurant and Café, we have years of experience in the coffee industry. Whether you want coffee beans to brew for yourself, coffee drinks, iced coffee, or any coffee products, we have you covered. Visit our coffee shop to grab a great cup of coffee!